Welcome to our WebSDR "Rigi Scheidegg at 1'660m"

The WebSDR Server is located at Rigi Scheidegg (1'660m) in the middle of Switzerland (JN47GA) and operated by HB9RYZ & HB9CQK (HB9RYZ), e-mail: info@hb9ryz.ch. There are two Nooelec R820T2 USB dongles for 2m and 70cm Band. The Antenna is a Diamond X-50NA at a height of 8 meters above the ground.

The regular interference on the 70cm band is from the Rigi Scheidegg repeater HB9ZG, which is only 50 meters away from our antenna.

Special thanks to Pieter-Tjerk, (PA3FWM) for providing the WebSDR software used on this site. More information about the WebSDR project can be found on www.websdr.org.

The time of the clock on the right menu is based on your computer's clock. When the time of your computer is not accurate, then even not this clock!

This WebSDR is now available for the Android APP "Pocket RxTx"! : Pocket RxTx Free - Android app on Google Play and Pocket RxTx Pro - Android app on Google Play

Diamond X-50N and OptiBeam

Debian 10 WebSDR Server and SDRs

Spodardic-E 50 MHz:
Spodardic-E 144 MHz:
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